Monday, March 18, 2013

Drum Roll Please....

I have a couple of exciting announcements to make! First of all, Shards of History will be available in paperback on Tuesday, May 21st! Mark your calendars! Or you can just keep track via all the shameless plugs I'll put out between now and then. I'm excited about the paperback release, and happy that the novel will be available for everybody who's been wanting a copy but doesn't have an e-reader.

And if you want even more of my fiction, World Weaver Press will be releasing my short story collection on June 4th. It will include a new tale set in the Shards of History world soon after the novel ends, this time from Rasmus' point of view, as well as three other short stories.

I've been busy on Pinterest. Find me here. I've got a small hodgepodge of boards and pins, including one board dedicated to Shards of History where you can find some of the inspiration for the setting as well as who I'd cast in the Shards of History movie. And you can find a recipe for unicorn poop cookies, which has nothing to do with the novel, but is fun and sparkly nevertheless.

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