Monday, January 7, 2013

From Another Point of View

My two year old recently discovered the joy of photography. He's been carrying his father's camera around and snapping hundreds of photos. In fact, when I looked at the total this morning, he was well over 600. Thank goodness for digital, is all I can say. All of the super blurry, dark pictures could be deleted, and I was left with a handful of really interesting and impressive photos. Do you recall what the world looked like when you were three feet tall?

That's the top of our Christmas tree. The ceiling here is about 17 feet tall. It looks absolutely ginormous.

But then, we have a different perspective:

Now the two year old looks more like Godzilla when compared to one of his toy cars!

Here's one of our dogs, Frankie:

He's right at toddler level. In fact, we often find ourselves saying, "Don't ride the dog like a pony!" It's rather tempting for a two year old. See how Frankie looks a little concerned in this photo?

I remember being small. I remember when the kitchen counter was at eye level, and everybody was so much bigger than me, even my 5' tall mother. I remember the furniture being too big, and booster seats at restaurants. I remember feeling out of place sometimes because the world is built around adults.

Some day the kid will be six feet tall (more or less). I wonder what his photos--and his perspective--will be like then.

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