Monday, March 4, 2013

The Big Five Zero

This marks my 50th blog post. Hurrah! It would have taken me quite some time to get here if I hadn't started digging in other people's dirt interviewing people. It's been an interesting endeavor, and I'll continue as long as people are willing to spill their guts I can find people to interview. I decided on sending people the same set of questions (although a couple have changed some around to suit what they're working on, which is fine... I see it as a fluid process, not some rigid thing) because I've got too much going on right now. Otherwise, I'd love to craft questions that are specific to each person.

The answers have made me smile (and sometimes laugh out loud) and made me think, and most of all, they've reiterated what I already know, and that is that the writers I hang out with (in real life and on the  interwebz) are all-around wonderful people--brilliant, witty, and generous--and they're all filled with amazing stories. I feel quite fortunate to belong to such a group.

My most popular interview to date was from Alex Shvartsman. He also had the dubious honor of being my first victim. I think his wit and charm come through in the interview. My most popular non-interview post was the one in which I talked about the Shards of History launch party where I learned you should always bribe your readers with food.

Moving towards the 100th post, I'll continue to post about my writing process and whatever else piques my interest that particular week. I just finished putting together the major scenes from the novel I'm about to start writing. The blue cards belong to the main character. The yellow are scenes from the antagonist's POV. The pink cards belong to the love story. I can glance at the board and see where I might need to add more pink or yellow (or less), and I can rearrange the scenes before I even start writing. I've dabbled with them enough, and now I'm ready to start writing. Heck, I might get to the end of the first row and throw out all the rest because I discovered some really cool storyline that will work better.

At any rate, I used it as an excuse to procrastinate a bit while preparing myself mentally to write this particular story. Plus, any excuse to shop at the office supply store and bring home cute things.

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